Draft #2- Why I Write

A realm of regime

This paper marks the establishment of a new era; a moment in which injustices are obliterated and chaos silenced. Everything is final, properly in place. Years of struggle and training have finally been rewarded. Battle after battle, I’m finally here and that’s all that matters. For the next infinite sentences, the situation is not going to be pleasant, fair, or logical. The truth of it is that I am a dictator. Everything in the realm of my words must be under my control, wishes, and best interests. All my philosophies, opinions, and observations are final. Any idea of starting a revolution or protest against me is impossible and will be immediately smothered and punished. Everything about this paper is mine.

However, I don’t want to frighten anyone. Those who know me understand that I am a likable person and will always prefer to keep things amiable. Just as long as I am obeyed and regarded in the highest manner, everything will be smooth.

A brief background of my past will actually prove how deserving I am of this position. And from my experience, people generally feel closer and sympathetic towards one another once they understand the roots and upbringing of one another. Ever since I was young, I possess an innate drive for creativity and self-expressions, and in that sense, a form of leadership to try new things. And thus, I admit that I will never claim to be a natural writer, but I can say that a writer may naturally starts out as someone like me. I was a shy child around people almost everyone except a few individuals. Like reading, music, and drawing, writing was one of my subtle outlets for fulfilling my social needs. I wrote short stories that are hideously embarrassing. I wrote about boys that I liked. I wrote about cookies and hello kitty for my website. And during the 90s when e-mail was still new, I wrote back to the robots that sent spam mail to my inbox.    Overtime, writing became less personal as teachers began using writing to reveal my poor grammar and vocabulary. Writing became a barrier I had to overcome to earn good grades. And more recently, writing was one of the worst parts of my college applications. In other words, writing wasn’t fun anymore.

At last, in the past few months, writing has become something more. As a college student struggling with difficult life decisions about career paths, religion, relationships, and values, I felt overwhelmed with questions and ideas. I tried expressing them to my closest friends and to my parents, but they failed me. I tried ignoring them, but that only hurt me. And as soon as I picked up a pen and just began writing furiously into a notebook, I realized that I have found something powerful. And this discovery is why I write.

The truth of it is that life is cruel and it will hurt you. Things will always be out of your control and everything will go wrong no matter how calculated you planned it. And the only place in the world where everything is stable and in your control is within your mind. And because writing is a sort of simulation of the mind, writing is a source of immense power.

Writing gives me the power to describe things I don’t understand. With writing, I can take my time and think about the subject as long or short as I want. No one dare interrupt.  In writing, I can make fun of the people I hate. I can describe them as who they really are or even make lies about them and exaggerate everything about their mundane selves. I could call in advisors and reviewers, but I have the power to ignore them.

I write because it gives me absolute power. I choose which and what arrangement of words goes into it. 我也不需要写英文. I don’t even need to write in English. And though immense power and freedom can be challenging, hence writers’ block, I need it and feed off of it. I can’t be stopped.


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