Annotated Bibliography: Life of an Imported Pen


“Pilot (Pen Company).” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.. 20 Feb 2012. <>.

This is a typical online encyclopedia regarding Pilot Pen Corporation, the company of the pen I am writing about in my story. The entry describes the brief history of the pen company as well as it current status as a global company. This entry also includes a photo of the pen I am writing about and some additional information about the pen’s features. Because this source is a Wikipedia entry, it is easy to navigate and recheck its sources and claims. It is quite comprehensive in giving necessary details one would wonder regarding a pen company.

For my project, this source is useful in providing accurate details on the birth of my pen and the beginning of the story. It will explain how the pen could have ended up in so many places, yet the pen ended up with me.


Pilot Pen Company About Page. 2010. Pilot Pen. 20 Feb 2012 <>.

This website is the official source of information regarding the history of the pen company and a time-line of key events in the company’s history. It is a very concise source and half of the information provided is in bullet or list form, making it easy to read and understand.

I plan on using this as a source for my project in ways similar to the Wikipedia article in that this source will provide details for the beginning of my story and also the ending of my story.


“Here’s what’s involved in legally immigrating to the United States.” stupidevilbastard. Les Jenkins. 27 July 2010. Stupid Evil Bastard.  20 Feb 2012 <>.

Although this source is regarding the moving of people around the world, this article’s description of immigration of people gives me an idea of how a pen made in Japan could move from Asia into my hands. The article contains a details, beautifully drawn map of how immigration works. It is very interesting to look at and study.

I plan on using this source to help give me an idea of the many processes it would take for a pen to move from different countries. It will serve a source of ideas of different means of transportations and the type of stories that could come from the people who brought the pen with them.


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