My Peer Review for Allie’s Piece

I really like the entire flow of the essay. It is clear and interesting and tells a great story. I kind of want to know why you consider yourself still a writer and I want you to talk about writing more in your life. Obviously, I learned a lot about your life from this essay and really like how you could be able to talk about a cheating boyfriend to cancer to Europe in the same, upbeat tone. I am just slightly confused by the end of the essay when you begin discussing writing and how you feel about writing. Suddenly, the tone of the essay is different. It is more a tone of frustration and I wish you could develop more on that and create a tie between your discussion on writing to the life events you just described.  Overall, I really like this concept of your essay. It is so interesting and on it own, just proves that you are indeed a writer who is strong with details and descriptions and telling stories. I really enjoyed reading it, personally and felt that I was able to learn a bit about myself too by reading what you concluded about writing and your life.


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