Project 4: Rough Draft

In the beginning of this year, I signed up to run for the chair of Student Governance in my dorm’s Hall Council. Essentially, the role of this position is to facilitate any political or social concerns or suggestions within the dorms. If there are complaints about housing staff, residents could come to me. If there are suggestions for ways to improve our building, I would make a great contact and force of change. And after much deliberations on how I would express my desire to run for this position and request for votes was a difficult choice that required me to compare and look at the difference between new media and traditional writing and use these differences to help me win this election.

Essentially, what I learned from this experience is that writing gives people to read your words over and over again. If you’re trying to hard, it is obvious or could be later read that way. If you don’t put enough effort or have legitimate reasoning


Blogging vs. Traditional Essay Writing

Blogging and Traditional Essay Writing are the same

The point many people fail to address when they compare blogging and essays is the purpose of the writing. After all, most people turn to blogs to obtain quick, easy-to-read reviews and opinions, anything really. However, if people wanted to read essays they would just turn to books, magazines, and newspapers. In other words, if blogs simply became a source for essay writing, blogs will essentially be the same as the essay writing in that you are accessing the writing through the internet. If I were to type out a short paragraph on movies that inspire me and leave room to tape on photographs and my iPad, my traditional essay has just became essentially a blog.

Blogs are not Essays











I watched it a million times from the side lines. I know how it works. It looks easy, straightforward, and simple. However, at the same time, does seeing imply knowing? And why now? I’ve seen how bank robbers rob banks everyday in the news, it doesn’t mean that I should rob a bank now… or ever. And this is how I always felt blogging.

Difference between traditional writing and blogging is that with writing, the writing is more impersonal.

Essentially traditional writing and blogging are the same in that we are using technological developments and tools to express words. Without these technologies there writing would not exist. With the invention of the internet and blogging software, our writing is still essentially the same in that



The way people should look at difference between blogging and writing should be the looked at the same way between caveman drawings and Egyptian hyographics. The point is that writing in both the traditional sense and in the form of blogging is a medium that solely depends on technological inventions in order to exist. However, both blogging and traditional essay writing and requires an expression of words and if not words, a symbolic version of words in the form of pictures and videos. The thing people need to realize is that you can write exactly as you do in traditional essays and upload it onto a website, as we done in class. It’s just that it’s a current trend to write blogs more informally and in a stylist way compared to essay writing. Who says you can accompany an essay with pictures or bring in a DVD that should be played along with your essay?

However, blogging sets up an entirely different standard than writing traditionally.


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