Re-Mediating Project Proposal

Looking around at all the possibilities of all the ways that I could express something that I wrote into a new media, it was clear that some sort of drawing and painting would fit me. First of all, I love to draw and work with colors and any type of art material. I’m not particularly good, but I like doing it. Even in elementary school when I wrote stories in our daily journal entries, I would accompanied my work with drawings. When it was time to share my story, the drawings made my story more interesting because it gave the other 9-year-olds something to look at as they listened to me. Thus, my goal is to use a new media in form of paintings or drawings. They audience could be anyone who is interesting in listening to story, mainly about me, and also understand how I see the power of diversity. Furthermore, my new media will have some small poetry or caption followed by each picture. I look forward to working on this project!


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