Re-Mediating Project: Rough Cut

Rough Cut of Re-Mediation Project

Accompanied poems:

Painting 1: Factory Scene




So much anticipation

Yet questions

Not a single worry

Or pessimistic consequence

Crosses my mind

Painting 2: Shop


The Hardest Part

Is not seeing results

Painting 3: School



I feel the weight of your shoulders

Pressing against me to help

Show others your intelligence

Your willingness

To Succeed

Painting 4: Drawer

Please don’t look at me like that

Or pick me up.

I no longer flow

And once you figure it out,

You like all the rest will violently grab me

And press me against the white sheet

Harder and harder until I bleed

Oh, when will this misery of false hope end?

For now, let me lie in this box

Along with the forgotten, yellow ones.


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