This blog was created as part of the Minor in Writing gateway course. This blog accumulates all the work I have done for the class and shows the step by step progress that led up to my final papers and projects. It is important to compile your work in one medium to reflect back and look at the progress and changes made. It is also important to keep all your writing in an archive for losing hard work could be the worst thing you could do in writing. As shown in the archive tabs, keep in mind the multiple drafts that are created in order to make the final product.

Some additional writing is included in this blog. Those are free writing that I create on my own and felt that they add to this blog, for every piece of writing involve something personal from my life.  But how can you write without being personal. Everything from how I form each sentence is essentially biased and has something that reflects something about the way I see things and believe in things.

And there you have it, dear reader, my blog … and therefore, a glimpse of me.


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