How can I find out what everyone’s watching?

How can I find out what everyone’s watching? I came across this feature on youtube that helps identifies the most popular videos by region. It’s kind of exciting to know what the rest of the country is watching and also lets me keep up with the viral video trends. 

A Topic of Conversation

Two friends Friday afternoon Can’t stay long got class at two Face-to-face with coffee cups That night, somehow, got brought up A small altercation Just wanted confirmation Of the things I thought you knew That damn poison we’ve gone though   But after your words were said They’re lingering in my head Forever, I can’t … Continue reading

Re-purposing Essay Proposal

For my repurposing essay, I propose to turn one of my old University of Michigan admission application essays about diversity in a prose and poetry. The reason I chose this writing is because I felt and still feel strongly about how I see diversity through something as a simple as a pen. After discussing with … Continue reading

Re-Mediating Project Proposal

Looking around at all the possibilities of all the ways that I could express something that I wrote into a new media, it was clear that some sort of drawing and painting would fit me. First of all, I love to draw and work with colors and any type of art material. I’m not particularly … Continue reading

Why I Write: Author’s Notes

For this assignment, the question or the purpose it was asking me was slightly overwhelming. I was more concerned about expressing and articulating exactly how I felt about writing and why I write. And I spent a majority of my time trying and thinking about this idea. Finally, as soon as I got into the … Continue reading

Re-Mediating Project: Rough Cut

Rough Cut of Re-Mediation Project Accompanied poems: Painting 1: Factory Scene Fresh Exciting New So much anticipation Yet questions Not a single worry Or pessimistic consequence Crosses my mind Painting 2: Shop Waiting The Hardest Part Is not seeing results Painting 3: School Dependence Hope I feel the weight of your shoulders Pressing against me … Continue reading

Project 4: Rough Draft

In the beginning of this year, I signed up to run for the chair of Student Governance in my dorm’s Hall Council. Essentially, the role of this position is to facilitate any political or social concerns or suggestions within the dorms. If there are complaints about housing staff, residents could come to me. If there … Continue reading